Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Do We Get Our Inspiration??? ROAD TRIPS!

Hey everyone! I am Trisha, one of the owners at Grandiflora. I often get asked how we get our inspiration. Well, the simple answer is "We get out there and see what everyone else is up to!" This could be via the internet, at trade shows, in books or magazines, and in this case WE WENT ON A ROAD TRIP TO THE FARM CHICKS ANTIQE SHOW in lovely Spokane, Washington!
This is such a fun show to attend, and SO inspirational! The picture you see above is of my sister and partner La Von, and Kim our floor manager. My mother Jan ( and other partner ) went with us as well. The Farm Chicks Show is like nothing else you've ever seen before. It is a show with true heart and soul. I am going to be blogging about this trip for the next few days to show you what the show is all about. In the meantime, you can follow the link above to go and find out some of the details for yourself. You have one whole year to plan for is usually the first weekend in June.

We are "thinking" about going again next year....possibly as vendors....maybe just as shoppers....but most deffinately as a huge group since we have been so ON FIRE about the show...everyone we speak to is catching the fever!

I hope you will enjoy this blogging adventure we are about to embark on...I am looking forward to sharing a TON of lovely photos of some of the coolest antiques and crafts you've ever seen!

I'll see you again soon!
Trish :o)

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Josh and Crystal said...

Oh, I so wanted to go there this year, but didn't make it. I love the Farm Chicks!