Thursday, June 7, 2012

Farm Chicks Spokane Washington 2012 Trip-a-Palooza!

 It's official.
We had a
was simply put: wonderful.
We started out early to get a jump on all the shoppers heading that way.
It was pretty doggone smart of us to book a U-haul trailer ahead of time since we have a tendancy to junk along the way to the show.....
We enjoy finding new places and things all along the way. It's also great fun to hit those spots where you know you'll find all the best food and finds.
Our fave food stop whilst in Spokane is
which has the deadliest drinks, delicious dinners....and most decadant desserts.
Another new find is
a great destination shopping experience in Spokane.
( Some crazy Instagram photos of our stops to and from the show.)
 After toodling around for a few days on the way to the show, we headed out from the hotel bright and early to wait in the early buy ticket line.
(Our lovely Mother was kind enough to buy our tickets online way back in September of 2011 for our birthday gifts! Yay Mom!!! It was an awesome gift! )
it was raining buckets when the line was forming, but saved the day with umbrellas!
 This is the tiny 300 person line....the 5,000+ line was elsewhere, and I was happy NOT to be in it!
(L-R. Carrie our sister, Jan our mom & partner, La Von sister partner, Kim manager.)
 Yes, we were hoping for sunshine...but instead tried not to drown in the deluge of rain &.....
 ....not to drown in the fun deluge of
J U N K!!!
I had to nab this hilarious striped flotation device for the shop soon after entering the show.
I might've been able to use it out in that line....oh well.
It's a good thing I grabbed it when I did, I was attacked
 (I won't name know who you are ;)
by one woman in particular and many others who loved its charm and character.
It looks smashing in our beach display right now!
 The booth displays were chock full and fabulous as always!
 Happy Customers were everywhere!
 There are just too many booths to list....this one was pretty fab however!
Oh yes....& this one too....
Honestly....the coolest display in the whole show.
I mean who THINKS to turn an old truck bed into a shelf for ironstone???
Freakin' awesome!
 After we had
we got the dirty job of not only hauling the stuff out to the parking lot....but unloading the stuff we had already purchased along the way, & then reloading the new stuff too!
It was quite a load! 

( La Von ponders the crazyness of our decisions.....)
 I had faith however and kept saying:
" I know it's all gonna fit....I just know it!"
there came a moment when I was doubting......
Yes, it's true....
you'll never believe what happened.....
We cleared the parking lot....were left there alone while everyone went off and partied the night away.
We eventually got the sink into the Escalade....and headed off to Chaps for dinner and drinks.
It was an amazing day to say the least.
One we want to repeat again next year if possible!
We're gathering people to join our team of wild women junkers....
....maybe you'll wanna join in on the fun next year???
The Grandiflora Girls


Holly said...

I'm sure you are talking about all those other "crazy" people trying to nab that life jacket...not me!!! I was in the store yesterday and didn't see it...maybe someone else has a beach display going on?
It was so fun to continuously run into you girls! Loved all the goodies!
We take a picture of our arms every year too!!! so fun!

Grandiflora Home and Garden said...

Yea hem...I'm sure I'm talking about all those hem...women! ;) P.S. the flotation device is sitting pretty over in the beach look as we speak...if you are able to row your boat over and get it that is! ;) Haa haa haa!!! So fun to hang with you girls!! Hope you had a fun time too!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

amazing stuff! That was too funny about the sink. Looks like loads of fun...wish I'd been there.

Janice said...

Oh My Goodness - you look like Lucille Ball in that pic with the life jacket on!! :)

stephanie said...

I spy me in the background loading up our truck. We were wondering if you were going to fit all your treasures. Good times!

The Little Red Shop said...

Oh, what fun! I most definitely have to do the early thing next year. The crowd was…overwhelming.

: )

Julie M.

Grandiflora Home and Garden said...

Janice...yep...Lucy is a hero! :) cool is that! Loved your finds too, wasn't it just the best??? So happy you girls fit your goodies in too! :)

Julie, I believe I just read that Serena has decided against the early buy tickets next I guess it's get in line early in the am...maybe we'll have to bring sleeping bags in the U-haul??? Good to see you again! :)

Holly said...

WHAT??? No early tickets??? I don't know if I can handle the crowd again. Where did you read this???
Also, congrats on the magazine...can't wait to see it!

Grandiflora Home and Garden said...

Holly, Here is the link to the annoucement on Serena's Facebook page!/thefarmchicks
I'm bummed about the loss of the early buy tickets too...was so nice for us. Serena promises that she's got something up her we'll see.

Thanks for the congrats, it should be fun to see how it all turns out! :)