How To Decorate A Tree

Over the years, we've been asked how we decorate our trees here in the store. So we thought we would share how you can decorate and personalize your tree in simple steps to get that full, gorgeous look. Whether you're using new, vintage or hand-made ornaments, these steps are great guidelines to follow.


Here at the store, our trees are seldom pre-lit. Instead, we run an extension cord up the trunk of the tree to the middle section. Working our way down, we wrap almost each branch with lights. Remember to only plug three strands of lights together. Each tree can take anywhere from 600-1,000 lights depending on size. Make sure you have an adequate plug-in nearby.


Ribbon adds texture and captures the eye. Working from top to bottom, angle the ribbon. As you go around the tree, tuck sections back in towards the trunk of the tree to create depth. It won't look full if the ribbon floats on the outer branches of the tree. Now is also the time to add floral picks or branches to bare sections and to the top of the tree.


As you can see we have a lot of ornaments to work with - anywhere from six to a dozen different styles.

Start with large ornaments, objects and balls first.  These can be tucked further back in your branches to create a layered look. Scatter them relatively evenly throughout.  Next, hang your smaller ornaments working with one style or color at a time. Layering in front of the ribbon and larger ornaments is key. If you have kids or pets, consider leaving the lower branches empty.


Wrap the base of your tree with a skirt, fabric, faux fur or a container and you're done! Now sit back with a cup of cocoa to admire your handy work.

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