Consigner Feature: Cheryl

Welcome to a new monthly blog series to showcase some of the many wonderful selectively chosen consignors here at Grandiflora. We love and appreciate all the hard work they put into the one-of-a-kind pieces they bring to the store.

How did I get started?

Owls!  Seriously!  My niece drew out templates for me, and I started stitching stuffed owls by hand.  Eventually I started using a sewing machine and stitched them onto burlap, making them into pillows.  I stamped a few "give a hoot" and "owl love you forever" and thought, "It sure would be great to print something rather than stamp each one."  Enter: Reco Screenprinting and amazing graphic designer: Lisa DenBleyker.   Our first pillow design:  "There is always, always something to be thankful for!"  I've realized most of my pillow designs since then are reminders for myself...quotes I want to live by.  I made some owls and pillows for gifts, but then I thought I better start selling some to buy more fabric.  In 2011, I asked Grandiflora if I could consign with them, and they have helped grow my business! did I get started?

A desire to create, best designers (now added Coryn Bajema too), detailed printing company, perfect place to sell... and a husband who puts up with PILLOWS everywhere.

Why do I do what I do? 

Right brain?  Left brain?  I'm right down the middle. So...I love all of it!

Oooh - designing!!!  I can't turn off my brain sometimes, since ideas ooze from other ideas!  I love the creative part of choosing design, fonts, texture of fabric and color of ink.

Oooh - monotony of cutting or sewing 20 pillows in a row - relaxing!  I enjoy the measuring, cutting, ordering, stuffing, sewing and bookwork...okay, not so much the bookwork. 

But it's more than that!  To create the perfect gift for someone brings me JOY!!  I love it when someone tells me, "I had to have that for my mom!" or "My friend will love this, because that's her verse."   I am privileged to bring joy and remind others of God's promises.  

What do I like about consigning with Grandiflora?

This is where I started my business.  I love that they give ideas (style, color, quotes, sizing and pricing) for what's coming next.  Somehow they know what's going to be "in."  ......and their displays enhance my pillows!

We are excited to be a part of Cheryls' new venture...t-shirts!