Consigner Feature: Rachel Hernes

Happy first day of summer! What better way to start your day than with a little creative inspiration from one of our talented consigners -  Rachel Hernes!

How did you get started?

I got started as ReCreated a little over a year ago, but my love for being creative started when I was quite young.  I remember making gifts for family in my Dad’s shop as a teenager, and I haven’t stopped since. It wasn’t until recently that friends and family requested I make them the latest project I had posted online. It started with simple wood Christmas trees and glass flowers; then I made windows into chalkboards and free-hand lettered them. Not long after I made my first clock, which has become my main focus, and what kick started ReCreated.  And from there I was spurred into sofa and side tables, wood framed magnetic chalkboards, old wood photo frames, wood pumpkins, and lighted Christmas trees.  All the wood I use is old and/or fabulously weathered. My theme is “making new from old”.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m a busy Mom and I love that I am able to work from home.  When I get a chance I work on projects sometimes for only 30 minutes at a time, and I can leave it sit for a few days before I get another opportunity to pick up where I left off.  It’s a fabulous hobby that I’m thankful I get to share with others. I find so much joy in creating things that someone will take into their home and love for years to come.

What do you like about consigning at Grandiflora?

Grandiflora has been one of my favorite places to shop and soak up inspiration.  I’m tickled that the things I make are part of the amazing displays at Grandiflora.  I’m honored to be a consigner at Grandiflora.

Rachel and her pop-up shop will be featured in our garden area this Saturday, June 25th. Make sure to stop by Grandiflora from 11am-4pm!