Saturday's's a word...right??


First off….TGIF!!! Am I right?? Yeah, I am.


We are super stoked for what comes next:

S A T U R D A Y ! ! !


So, I’m gonna get really R E A L here folks. Some of you are wondering if there’s anything worth coming for after two full days of being open during our pop-up shop. Wonder no more. Sure….we’ve sold out of a few items ( like the Harvest Spice White Hot Chocolate packs…don’t worry…we saved enough so we could still serve it. Who knew SO MANY of you loved it that much??? Guess I know what I’ll be reordering on Monday; thinking maybe 200 pounds might be enough for the next show??). Anyway, I digress…there’s still much more to shop from and we’ve even restocked some items since you were here last!


But what excites us the most about tomorrow, is the fact that we have two local vendors who will be joining us tomorrow! Lindsay’s Crazy For Kettle Corn & Cheri from Eidlewilde Flowers! Yippee!


Really you guys…what’s not to love about salty-sweet kettle corn and fresh locally grown floral bouquets?? Correct me if I’m wrong…but that could possibly be the way to a woman’s heart? LOL!


So…don’t miss out! Are you coming to town for Lynden’s Farmer’s Market? Going to an LYS football game? Brunching in downtown? Whatever you are up to on Saturday…don’t forget to drop by Grandiflora to get your retail therapy fix and a little extra treat for yourself with Lindsay and Cheri!


We look forward to seeing you then!!

Saturday hours 10 AM to 5 PM

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