A Gatherings Photo Shoot. Part Three: The Ceremony


Part Three: The Ceremony

Are you ready for the ceremony to start? You’ve found your free parking spot. You’ve come in either the stately front steps, or through the imported Italian wrought iron garden gates. You’ve deposited your gift in the proper spot and signed the guest book. Lovely music is wafting through the air & lights are twinkling. Flowers, tables and chairs await the celebration soon to come…

Why don’t you come upstairs for a charming spot to sit and witness this beautiful union…

She enters the room and everyone stands to see her in her finest hour…everything glows from the candle light…especially the bride.

…and there he waits for her, his bride.

What a lovely atmosphere. Clean lined, simple…yet charming. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy this special intimate occasion.

Before you know it, they are wed! Congratulations are issued all around and flower bouquets are tossed. Maybe you catch it…maybe it’s your turn to plan an intimate Gathering of your own?

They genuinely look so happy and as the party continues on, they slink off together…

What a lovely day it has been. A huge occasion in a cozy atmosphere. A cozy Gathering of family, friends and co-workers. Everyone coming together to celebrate this loving couple…and it all started with a simple booking.

Stay tuned for the next installment:

Part Four: The Booking SALE!

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