We have laid these regulations out so that each event can be as wonderful as the next here at Gatherings by Grandiflora. Please help us to keep this lovely historical property in the best of shape for generations to come. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as you will be asked to sign a rental agreement which will hold you accountable to these rules.



All cleaning must happen immediately after your event. 

  • The return of your deposit will be based off the condition in which the building (and all of its’ contents) are left after you leave. If the building and property is not exactly as it was when you arrived, there will be additional cleaning/repair fees at the rate of $60 per hour. 
  • Your remaining cleaning/damage deposit will be refunded 14 business days after your event.
  • You are responsible for setting up and tearing down all tables and chairs.
  • If any further tables or chairs are needed, you will be responsible for providing them.
  • If you decide you would like Gatherings by Grandiflora to do the set up or clean up, you must notify us at minimum, one month prior to the date of your event. This will be done via extra fees discussed at the time of your booking.




  • We supply brooms a vacuum, garbage liners, rags, paper towels, cleaners etc. on each level of the building. For the main floor and garden cleaning needs, please see the utility room (off the kitchen) for the bulk of our cleaning supplies. Another spot is under the kitchen sink. 
  • On the second floor we have a good selection of cleaning items in the cupboard above the staircase, located in the small hallway.


  • Please wipe down all tables and chair surfaces prior to tear down. Make sure there is no gum under tables. 
  • Tables and chairs must be broken down and stacked in designated areas.


  • Please wipe down all countertops, bar, appliances (inside and out) and kitchen sink. 
  • Place dirty rags (rinsed and wrung out) in container marked “laundry” in the utility room. 
  • Please check the cabinets and walls for spills/splatters and wipe down accordingly.
  • Please sweep or vacuum all floors. Spot clean and remove any spills/gum off of the floors. Mops and buckets are available to use for larger spills. 


  • Our restrooms are regularly cleaned professionally. We only ask that you would simply be sure that there is no excessive mess… or garbage left on floors. Simply dispose of the trash when you remove the other garbage from your event. (Note the following…)


  • Remove all trash from garbage cans (in liners please) and haul trash to utility room located off the kitchen. Remember to replace all liners (liners are available in our cleaning supply areas).
  • Restroom garbage must be removed with the rest of the regular garbage. 
  • We supply a special container in the bar area for mixed-recyclables. (Located under the main staircase next to the small refrigerator.) This mixture may consist of glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. Large pieces of corrugated cardboard (like pizza boxes) may also be recycled. Please place cardboard in the utility room along with the bag of recyclables. Please respect both the environment and our garbage bill by utilizing our local recycling program. 


  • If used, be sure to empty the garbage can in the garden area.
  • If used, be sure that BBQ and tools have been cleaned properly. Shut off propane tank and cover the grill once it is cooled down.
  • If used, please be sure to turn off the propane to the garden heaters and cover once they are cooled down.
  • Please sweep excessive dirt/debris from both porches.
  • There is absolutely no reason broken glass or stray garbage should be left laying outside, or on the streets. This includes cigarette butts. Please take a moment to survey the exterior of the building and parking areas for any remaining trash and dispose of accordingly.


  • Please note that candles may be used during your event. They must be protected by an enclosed container. Never leave candles burning unattended. 
  • If candle wax is spilled during the event and is not removed at the end of the event, you will be charged additional cleaning fees.
  • We have provided you with ample fire extinguishers in the event of a small fire. 
  • We also have a monitored fire system which when activated calls the fire department. 
  • Please note that in the event a fire alarm is maliciously pulled, you will forfeit your entire deposit. 


  • We have generously provided ample hooks and nails to hang lightweight items for your decorating needs.  
  • Decorative items/posters/etc. may not be posted, stapled or taped on the walls. 
  • Be sure to remove ALL decorations at the end of your event and dispose of them accordingly.


  • Please only use sparklers outside. We ask that you be sure all doors are closed so that drafts do not trip the smoke alarms. (Please remember that 10 PM is quiet time per the Lynden City Ordinance and fireworks are not permitted.)
  • Do not use confetti on the outside of the building. Bird seed, bubbles and rice are also not permitted. 
  • Confetti that is smaller than ¼ inch in diameter is not permitted inside the building. We recommend confetti that is ½ inch or larger for easier clean-up. 


  • We have issued these rules and responsibilities in order to keep you and your guests safe. We thank you in advance for adhering to these rules for ours and subsequently… your own safety.



  • You will be issued an individual key code for the front door before your event. This code is specific to your event and will only be valid for the rental times we have agreed upon in advance. Please do not share this code with anyone who will not be covered under your insurance policy.
  • Once in the front door, we will supply you with a garden gate key. If the key is lost, a fee will be assessed to replace the lock, which will be deducted from your deposit and/or billed to you.
  • Do not leave the building unattended and unlocked at any time. 
  • At the end of your event, please be sure to lock the gate and all exterior doors. 
  • Please leave the gate key on the kitchen counter and be sure you have all your belongings.
  • Leave the building via the front door and press the “lock” button to secure the door as you leave.


  • All personal items, including any food must be removed from the facility. 
  • Anything rented from other vendors must be removed by the end of the event. 
  • We will not be held responsible for damages or theft to personal belongings or rented items.
  • Your key code expires soon after your rental agreement does. Please be sure you haven’t forgotten anything before you exit the building. We will charge a fee to come and unlock the building for you in the event you have left anything behind.


  • Are you planning on serving alcohol? You must apply for a Washington State Banquet Permit at https://lcb.wa.gov/licensing/online-banquet-permit. This permit is $10.00 and can be attained in just a few moments online. Be sure to bring a printed copy of the permit as it must be posted in plain site during the entire event. 
  • Please be aware that if you will be serving alcohol and charging for it, you must acquire a different permit to do so. Washington State law also requires that you hire legitimate bartenders who can show proof of a M.A.S.T. license. 


  • We are a non-smoking event venue.
  • Per RCW 70.160.075 smoking is also prohibited 25' from the building. Any fires or damage to the bark, vegetation or building will be deducted from your deposit.


  • Please see our Audio/Video and Wi-Fi booklet for specific instructions as to how to utilize our state of the art system.
  • We ask that you do not play explicit music at Gatherings by Grandiflora.
  • Please keep exterior music volume to a comfortable level for your guests and neighboring homes/businesses. Quiet time is 10 PM per the Lynden City Ordinance. Failure to comply with this could warrant a visit from the Lynden Police Department. You will be the sole party responsible for any actions that may incur.  


  • Much of our lighting is dimmable, please use your best judgement as to when low light is appropriate. Remember that older persons do need ample light to be able to move about a space freely.
  • Please turn off any lights you turned on before exiting the building. (Some of our lighting is on timers, please do not alter timers or turn those lights off.)


  • In the event that you will be hosting any type of business practice in our venue, you must contact the City of Lynden for any type of permit required to utilize building. You may be subject to disciplinary fees if not compliant.